This article is part of the series that we call Relentless Method Monday

When you start out training and you want to go RX in CrossFit you will most probable struggle with the weights on the barbell, the skills or the bodyweight movements.

Since you probably lack strength you will not train the intended energy system, you will train strength endurance or max strength with a conditioning effect to it
When you develop strength the workouts open up new possibilities for conditioning.

Skill & gymnastics
I would argue that skill development in CrossFit is easy as long as you develop strength in the range of motion required for the movement.
We know that if you have about 10 strict pull-ups and feel comfy in the bottom of a Ring Dip you will get a ring muscle-up. That is why most of our gymnastic programs are strength-focused.

Minimizing rest is everything
If you would dissect a CF workout you would notice that you might spend most of the time resting either in front of the barbell or beneath the pull-up rig or outside the wall.
Your priority in getting more fit should be in minimizing these rest periods or at least manage them the best possible way you can.

As soon as you reach above the threshold levels or so-called barriers of entry your conditioning capacity gets more relevant and should be trained thoroughly.

Train at your ability
But should you really RX workouts? Well yes and no. RX should be _your_ RX so make sure that you follow a program that is written with your abilities in focus. A competitor program is of no use to a beginner or intermediate.

The programming takes a turn
From today all our specialty programs are included with our recurring programs. We understand that everyone is different and have different needs. Therefore we have specialty programs for gymnastics, weightlifting etc. We want everyone to be on a plan but a plan that you can add/remove from.

Pushup, Pull-up, Muscle-up one & two, strict handstand pushup one, handstand five, classic, squat & deadlift are all included if you follow any of our Intermediate, Advanced, Competitor or Master programs.

We start a new block next Monday and the programming is remodeled a lot to become even more fun and challenging!

I hope that you join us at next Monday!

Best regards

//Marcus Herou