This article is part of the series that we call Relentless Method Monday

You have trained CrossFit for three years and you still cannot do some of the skills that your coach puts up on the whiteboard. Sounds familiar?

I cannot accept that this is a fact in the fitness industry today. Yes most just want to train but hey. Everyone have goals or want some sort of progression happening either if it is in lost weight, increased strength, better mobility, less pain etc. Otherwise you will lose motivation and lost motivation will ultimately mean that you stop doing your fitness routine.

You are training too varied
If you train on a too broad spectrum of modalities you will not really improve on any of the technical aspects of any of them. Your work capacity might go up but you will plateau.
If you want to develop your Snatch more than anything then you need to train the Snatch. Ignore pistols, butterflies or whatever for a while. Go chase the skill, when you get it then you put that one on maintenance or you refine the skill further. Expect nothing less than six weeks x 3-5 sessions a week to get a new skill. Obviously depending on your ability and what you are chasing. Nothing is easy and easy come easy go.

You are training too intense
You are always sore due to that you go too hard on each conditioning piece. You spend a lot of the time moaning before you can get to work and when you do the work you are not there. You are not recovered. Train sustainable and with intent. Leave something left on the floor in training most of the time and sometimes smash it. Have you tried to Snatch the day after you did 75 Ring Dips? It’s not gonna happen.

Refer out
You are doing the right things but still, you are not progressing. If you are still young you should progress naturally when exposed to training that will force adaptation. We more mature need other stuff but that is another discussion. So we need to check your injury rate, food, sleep and other lifestyle factors. Make sure that you train in a way that you can track these things. We do it at my gym and in the programming.

Perfect variation
We at Relentless Method try hard to write the perfect variation system. There is no such thing of course but since we know that you really need to hammer an exercise to get it we reiterate the same exercise many times in a block. We are nowhere near perfect but we acknowledge the facts.

Today a new block starts and with it the perfect variation to make you progress. Enjoy.

I hope that you join us at today!

Best regards

//Marcus Herou