Running is all about finding efficiency. Efficiency is achieved by optimising a relaxed but firm stride. Heel striking is one of those that limits performance since it just is a pattern that works against you.

If you put the foot out a bit in front of you then you are creating a force that pushes you backwards. It really is that simple. The degree of inefficiency obviously varies but the further out in front the worse it gets.

A better way
Strike with the mid-foot right under the hips and fall forward in every stride.

We have created a running program that improves your running technique and endurance. Finally at Relentless Method. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time and here it is.

It is winter in Sweden and running outside is getting harsh. However we do have excellent treadmills, would it not be cool to get out in the spring with a better stride and feeling light?

Check out Running with passion here

Other upcoming news
* We are closing in on launching an app! We are in the beta phase of testing. That will help you a lot in making exercising easier.
* In the last phases of finalising a new program called Machine Triathlon. I train this myself as of current as a guinea pig.
* A new block of our training plans launches at November 9th. Stay tuned about that.

Previous news
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Until next time improve that stride!

Yours in fitness //Marcus Herou