Handstand and the handstand walk are both made up of some components which all must be trained accordingly. You will not get a handstand or walk by just improving any single item.

  • Balance
  • Locomotion
  • Shoulder strength
  • Awareness
  • Mobility
  • Midline strength
  • Endurance

At each level of handstand each must be trained. If you are talented you might be able to skip some steps but building a great platform will give you a lifetime of benefits so our recommendation is that you hop in at just a level below what you think you are ready for.

Currently we have two handstand skill and one bent arm strength programs. Enjoy and you can always contact me at hello@relentlessmethod.com if you have any questions

Yours in fitness

//Marcus Herou



29lifetime access
  • 3 sessions per week x 60-75 mins
  • Develop you pushing and pulling strength
  • Improve your handstand
  • Get a stronger core
  • Get your strict handstand pushup

The Great Wall Of Handstand

19lifetime access
  • 3 sessions per week x 30-45 mins for 4 weeks
  • The final pieces before you move on to the floor
  • Handstand + Handstand walk
  • Stronger midline

Freestanding Handstand

29lifetime access
  • 3 sessions per week x 30-45 mins for 9 weeks
  • Get the freestanding handstand
  • Handstand + Handstand walk
  • Get a stronger core