Hyrox Ai-training



Relentless + Hyrox = true

We have been developing the Hyrox track in Relentless Trainer for over a year and now it is finally live!

We have two versions of Hyrox, one that is just for the athlete that wants to train Hyrox kind of training and the other is for the athlete  that have signed up for a race.

In the Fitness package you may choose the Hyrox program which will affect the everyday training. In the Athlete package you can select for example CrossFit as your main program and on top of that select to compete in a Hyrox race at a given date.

What is unique with Relentless is that we will improve your strength alongside with providing you with the right kind of workouts that you need to become a better athlete. For example we will identify how good you are at running and depending on your running skill, we will down/up prioritize running in your program.

I am so proud to finally have launched the first Ai-program for Hyrox. If you are into Hyrox, check it out at this link.

Yours in fitness

//Marcus Herou


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