Functional Pump

Functional Pump is a training plan where we focus on building some serious mass in less than 60 mins per session.

Sixteen sessions with Functional exercises for hypertrophy and baseline conditioniong. If you are on the look for creating a solid foundation for becoming a bad-ass then stop right here and activate.

You can practice this program 3-4 sessions per week for optimal results and even 2 times a week will give you improvements.

What it is
60 minutes of highly effective strength training with short rests, high rep ranges to combine hypertrophy with a conditioning effect. There are no complex weightlifting exercises, just brute strength where we utilize odd objects such as kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds and sandbags. Obviously you will get comfy with the barbell.

Most bang for the buck
If you are in shortage of time you need to train the most bang for the buck exercises and some of them are.
Squats, Military press, Deadlifts, Barbell rowing and Benchpress. We highly emphasize core and body-weighted exercises in the accessory section every session.

We prioritize upper and lower body equally so for example if you are on the look for developing your pull-ups this program is for you.

What it is not

This is not a CrossFit or conditioning program however you will develop a conditioning capacity to move big loads quicker. If you are in serious need of a conditioning program I highly suggest that you combine this program with Dynamo or Turbine. 

Lets roll on Functional Pump!

What do our customers think?

Ännu ett inspirerande pass!!
-- PG about Functional Pump
Det är precis så jobbigt som jag tänkte mig. Riktigt flåsig stundtals.
-- Anna-Maria about Functional Pump
Perfekt pass innan jobb. Arnold var riktigt jobbiga Hollow ups, fy fasen vad jobbiga. Men en rolig övning som jag aldrig gjort. Kul att hitta nytt
-- thorbjörn about Functional Pump

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