The Novice has been training for a while, perhaps in a group setting and either wants to develop a little further on their own or wants a program for usage besides the group training to increase the development speed. 

✅ Are you a bit more experienced than a beginner but a bit shy of being a full blown Intermediate?
Hint: Male (Squat) Snatch ~50-60kg,  female ~35-45kg. Males can probably do a strict pull-up and females are close but not right there yet.

✅ You want to train 3-4 days a week but no more than 75 mins each session?

✅ You want good tekkers in gymnastics, weightlifting and on conditioning pieces?

✅ Benefit from the proven Relentless Method training ie guaranteed development?

✅ Train varied using everything from Strongman implements to the Assault Bike?

Price: EUR 24 /mth
7 day free trial
Deactivate at your convenience

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With our unique subscription concept you get access to all our focus plans

Choose from loads of top class training plans
Filter based on category and timeframe
Combine programs in a weekly schedule to create the ultimate plan
Find new and popular programs with our intuitive system
A fixed monthly fee gives access to it all
7 day free trial.

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