Running periodization is now live!


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Running with Ai

We have just released a beta of a running Ai with two goals so far. You can choose whether you want to improve your 5k or 10k and set a date for it. The system will periodize towards that date for you no matter your level.

What makes Relentless unique versus any other running program is that it adapts the overall training load round the running protocol. This is the magic pill. Letting you train strength and other kinds of conditioning along side with your running goal.

I have myself started to run for the first time since my hip surgery last year and I’m in week three and still thriving.

The running goals are available in the Athlete package.

Check it out at this link.

Yours in fitness

//Marcus Herou


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Changing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t about going to the gym a few times; it is about building healthy daily habits and a mindset that helps you stay the course even when life gets rough.

We know that consistency is key, and we provide the tools you need to reach the level of fitness that you have always been capable of reaching.

You will crush your imaginary boundaries by just showing up and doing the work.

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