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The vision with the Allround program is to improve your fitness, and to have great fun while doing so. We are not using progressions, % cycles and stuff like that. Variance is one of the main things. I believe if your training are varied and fun, your fire will last much longer.

An allround program for athletes that want a fun and varied program without the fuss of following strict cycles.

4 sessions x 60-90mins

Target group
Athletes that just want to workout but still have progression in their lifts, gymnastics, conditioning etc

None required but we recommend that you start out your fitness journey with Rise.

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About the programmer

Viktor Långsved is one of the most experience CrossFit® athletes in Europe. Viktor runs CrossFit Prestanda together with Marcus Johansson. Viktor is known for programming variations that makes a workout more fun and appealing.



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Som vanligt svinrolig A: del 😍💪

-- Jesper about Allround

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Price: EUR 28 /mth
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