Strict Muscle-up One

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What Muscle-Up ONE is

It is a seven week upper body focused program splitted in three days a week giving 21 days of great and throught through training.

Build strong positions to be able to later on put it all together.

Develop a strong foundation. Without strength you will get nowhere.

The goal of the program is to develop all foundations for a strict muscle-up but you will also increase your entire upper body strength and midline! You will develop your strict pull-ups, dips, ring dips, handstand pushups and more!

The program will be oriented in a three day a week fashion where we train Mon / Wed / Fri but you can obviously train any given day of the week as long as you have one rest day in between sessions.

Additional benefits

  • Improve the foundation for all gymnastics
  • Build a strong midline
  • Increase your benchpress and shoulder press
  • Increase all your upper body pulling

Videos & explanations

All exercises have a detailed video from our own Youtube channel and we give detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises.


We heavily rely on a journaling system to get all data about you into the system. From testing to regular training logging. This enables us to give you great recommendations moving forward.

If you want that muscle-up then this program is for you.

Strict muscle-up

What do our customers think?

Många olika övningar, tufft överkroppspass

-- Lena about Strict Muscle-up One

Jättebra överkroppspass Kanske bicepcurls 😊

-- Lennart about Strict Muscle-up One

Kände mig starkare än tidigare även om det blir tungt så klart Har dock lite svårt att veta om jag gör sealrowen som man ska 🤪

-- Camilla about Strict Muscle-up One

19 reviews

Number of weeks: 7
Recommended days per week: 3 This is just a recommendation, if you want to train less per week that is up to you!
Access: No expiration date for the program
Payment: One time payment
Price: € 28

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