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We believe in long term structured training. This program is one of our specialty programs that comes bundled for free if you follow Bloom, Advanced, Competitor, Revive or Allround< It's also included in the package we call Specialty programs where you get access to all 23 programs for as long you as you follow the package.

We do know that one single program cannot meet everyone’s needs so therefore we have made all our specialty programs available for you who follow a long term program.

If you follow one of our long term programs you also get 23 other programs where each program solves a specific challenge.

Of course you can run this program standalone but we wanted to tell you about this offering that is pretty cool!

We believe that this concept makes us unique and that it gives you an outstanding platform for long term development!

Good luck! //Marcus Herou

Strict Muscle-up TWO

Program information

What Muscle-up TWO is

Muscle-up TWO is where you put it all together.

Continued strength work but a big focus on the transitioning part of the muscle-up. The transition is where most fail so in this program we address that in every session for a total of 18 training sessions and a final test week.

The program will make all your gymnastics stronger, improve your upper body strength and body awareness.

Getting the hang of how to piece a muscle-up together transfers very well into other kinds of gymnastics so this is a very important program for your gymnastic progression.


7 weeks, 3 days a week where we want you to have a minimum of one rest day in between sessions.

Journaling and feedback

You log your every session into a training log which we as admins can see and use as guidance tool to help you forward.

Video and explanations
Almost every exercise in the program has a youtube video found on our channel. We give detailed explanations on how to perform all movements.

What to expect

You should expect an upper body burn that you never experienced before unless you are a bodybuilder. We almost have progression guarantee of this program since so many have got success from the program. This is one of the most successful programs we ever made. We want you to get that muscle-up.

Example of a drill

The negative muscle-up on floor. Where other programs fail we have solutions. This is one of them. Most people are too weak to perform the negative muscle-up properly so we created a version which is floor supported. Make no mistake even this version can be hard especially the transitioning. Spend time in the transitioning and you will prosper. 

Negative muscle-up floor version


Number of weeks: 7
Recommended days per week: 3 This is just a recommendation, if you want to train less per week that is up to you!
Access: No expiration date for the program
Payment: One time payment
Price: € 27

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