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Intermediate is the plan for anyone that wants to improve their CrossFit a few levels.

Guaranteed development using progressions that has been tested on thousands of athletes.

Skill is super easy once you get strong and flexible, therefore these are corner stones in this training plan.

4 days a week, 90-120 mins per session. The plan is released weekly  on Sundays at 20:00 CET.
You get an email on every training day in the morning.

We work in six week themed blocks to make sure that you evolve and to get some planned deload to stay out of injuries and over training. We do not train random but we do train varied and structured. Fun combined with a plan to keep you motivated!  

Pre requisites
To maximise the potential of the program we feel that you should have a few strict pull-ups and have basic know-how about weightlifting. If you are a complete beginner we recommend that you start out with  Emerge.

Are you ready to get strong, flexible and endurable?

What do our customers think?

Kip outs var en riktigt bra övning för mig att göra. Kul pass

-- Jens about Intermediate

Perfekt återstartspass!

-- Ann-Mari about Intermediate

54 reviews

Price: EUR 28 /mth
7 day free trial
You can abort the subscription at any time with two clicks

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