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This is a recurring program geared for masters that sometimes feel that following a competitor program made for 20 year olds is too much for your body to handle. But why stop exploring stuff just because that you are getting a bit more experienced? This program is a fitness aimed program which is theme focused.

We all want to look good and feel good. We want to move good. If you would choose between moving and being able to perform high skill weightlifting you should choose to be able to move.

This means focusing on the movements that gives you a lot of bang for the buck. Choose to be built not burnt.


* 4 days a week approx 120min / session

* No binding period

* A great system for registering and tracking results in the program

* Full week visible on Sundays plus a daily email every morning

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Älskar strongman liknande workouts. Rekomenderade vikter var hanterbara.

-- John about Master

Kul med MU complex! Härlig lagom jobbig WOD. Lite långt med E5MOM kanske. Men vad vet jag, jag är ju inte coach ;)

-- Johannes about Master

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Price: EUR 28 /mth
7 day free trial
You can abort the subscription at any time with two clicks

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