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Who's it for?

Calisthenics with Relentless is designed for individuals passionate about bodyweight training, regardless of their current skill level. Whether you’re a beginner using resistance bands for assisted pull-ups or an advanced practitioner working towards weighted strict muscle-ups, this program adapts to your abilities. It’s ideal for those committed to training at least 3 times a week for 45+ minutes per session, allowing for consistent progress and skill development.

This program is perfect for athletes seeking to enhance their strength, body control, and overall physical capabilities through calisthenics. It caters to those who appreciate the freedom and sense of achievement that comes from mastering bodyweight movements. While some basic equipment like a pull-up bar and rings is recommended, the focus is on utilizing your own body as the primary tool for fitness. Whether you’re aiming to perfect handstands, achieve one-arm chin-ups, or simply improve your overall strength and physique, Calisthenics with Relentless offers a structured path to reach your goals.

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Our tailored programs have been proven successful with over 1000 athletes during our beta launch in Sweden. We know it works!

How does it work?

If it’s a training style I love it is Calisthenics. I searched perfection in the handstand for close to four years. I chased the one arm chin up and got it. I pressed to handstand from deficit and more crazy stuff. I think the beauty of Calishtenics is the reward by what you can do with your body. A sense of freedom. Right now my shoulder is injured and scheduled for surgery but dang I long to get back into some serious handstand pushup work when I am rehabbed! Well if you look at my instagram you probably reckon I still can do some impressive feats, at least for being a 46 year old Gorilla yeah?

How does Calisthenics with Relentless work?

This program focuses on the strength components of Calisthenics. Previously I have included Handstand into it but after chasing the HS myself the reasoning for having it as a completely separate component grew. I trained HS for 6 days a week. There was no room for too much else to be honest. At least if you want to become really good!

So this program is focused on a 3-day split.

Day 1: Push

Day 2: Pull

Day 3: Squat & midline

The reasoning behind this split is that it enables you to train as much as you want basically. Especially good for those that train 3+ times a week. Soon we well create a full body split system for those that trains for example Mon/Wed/Fri and 60 minutes. Full body splitting is very complex though since it easily gets messed up when you train Mon/Tue/Wed for instance.

Here is a quick layout of the the splits


Alternates focus between the Strict Handstand pushup & Dips.

Pushup variations and handstand hold endurance against the wall is common. Triceps & shoulder development.



Pull-ups and bodyweight rows on bar & rings. Strict muscle-up development. Front lever and lat pull-downs. Rear delt work.


Pistols, shrimp squats, skater squat, cyclist squat, step-ups and more. Nordic hamstring, glute ham raises, strict toes to bar and all kinds of hanging leg raises and ab work.

What about equipment?

To be completely honest you need some equipment like a pull-up bar and rings to get the most out of the program. For dips & pull-ups we utilize weight belts, if you are at that level.

Who is it for?

This is where Relentless exceeds. Your level is not a problem for us at all, rather it plays to our strengths. We will program pull-ups with resistance bands to weighted strict muscle-ups depending on your level. To get the most out of Relentless we recommend to train 45+ minutes for 3+ times a week.

What about cardio?

Recognizing that many calisthenics athletes aim to enhance their strength and overall physical capabilities, we’ve integrated a flexible system for incorporating various bodyweight exercises and movement patterns into your training plan.

You can tailor these elements to your specific objectives, whether you’re looking to master advanced skills, increase muscle endurance, or improve your strength-to-weight ratio. The options range from progressive overload on fundamental movements to skill-specific practice and complex movement flows.

Our program carefully balances these components to ensure they support your overall development as a calisthenics athlete. This comprehensive approach helps you build a well-rounded fitness foundation while keeping your bodyweight mastery goals at the forefront, allowing you to achieve impressive feats of strength, control, and athleticism using just your own body.

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Changing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t about going to the gym a few times; it is about building healthy daily habits and a mindset that helps you stay the course even when life gets rough.

We know that consistency is key, and we provide the tools you need to reach the level of fitness that you have always been capable of reaching.

You will crush your imaginary boundaries by just showing up and doing the work.

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