Crush your

goals faster!

Relentless Trainer: Get a personalized CrossFit training program just for you! It takes into account your daily condition, available equipment, and time. Enjoy a customized training experience using top notch progression plans, high level programming, and AI.
Work smarter

Improving with every session.

We use every piece of data possible to create the best training plan for you. Every day.

Your readiness to train, combined with your short or long-term goals and your training history, will be the main input parameters to every session. Combined with the available time you have for the session.

The Ai-trainer gets smarter every session and will get more and more precise in prescribing what you need and like.

Personalized TO THE MAX!

Individualized training at a fraction of the cost!

“Are you someone that jumps from program to program and just can’t seem to find the right program for you? You need to check out Relentless, it has an individualized program specifically made for you.”

Scott Panchik, 10 x CrossFit Games Athlete.

Join the movement!

Our tailored programs have been proven successful with over 1000 athletes during our beta launch in Sweden. We know it works!

Optimal, effective training. Experience it firsthand!

Your custom plan considers your needs, goals, and preferences. With varied exercises, instructional videos, and workouts, it optimizes your training for efficient progress. The ultimate roadmap for your fitness journey.

* Detailed programs with your weights, reps, and time to optimize your progression towards goals, adjusted by our world class AI engine.

* Timer Support: Stay on track with built-in timers, ensuring precise workout durations and rest intervals.

* Form Confidence: Check descriptive videos for exercise guidance, ensuring proper form and technique.

Make your move.

Beat your beast.

Break your box.

Unleash your Personalized Plan.

What will your fitness journey look like?​