By user demand, we have finalized our Powerlifting with Relentless program. This program adapts our proven 3-split system to focus specifically on the main powerlifting lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. 

This flexible program is an excellent way to improve your powerlifting total, regardless of whether you’re in a mass-building phase or preparing for competition. 


Who's it for?

Powerlifting with Relentless is designed for individuals passionate about building maximum strength in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. This program caters to a wide range of lifters, from novices just starting their powerlifting journey to experienced competitors looking to break personal records.

Whether you’re aiming to compete in powerlifting meets or simply want to push your strength to new heights, this program offers a flexible and comprehensive approach. It’s ideal for those who can commit to at least 3 training sessions per week and are eager to focus on the big three lifts while also developing overall strength and power.

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Our tailored programs have been proven successful with over 1000 athletes during our beta launch in Sweden. We know it works!

How does it work?

Alternates between Squat variations as the the primary exercise with emphasis on the Back Squat. Typically followed by a pause squat and Hack squat or Split squat variations. Hamstring & Quad work is emphasised in the later half of every session.

Benchpress, close grip benchpress and shoulder press as the primary focus. Every session has a benchpress component, sometimes with dumbbells as a variation. Incline work and dips obviously. Often with a triceps isolated component in the end.

Deadlift & deadlift from riser as staples. Combined with upper body pulling work such as barbell rowing, pull-ups and more.
Expect glute ham raises, nordics and similar hamstring developer buddies.


The Relentless program’s standout feature is its flexibility, seamlessly fitting into your schedule. You decide when to train and how long you’ll follow the program. The system handles the rest, automatically managing split rotations and progressive loading, eliminating any planning uncertainty.

For best results, we highly suggest a minimum of 3 weekly sessions using this split routine. This ensures each muscle group receives adequate attention and recovery time..

What about cardio?

Recognizing that many powerlifters aim to enhance their cardiovascular fitness and overall conditioning, we’ve integrated a flexible system for incorporating conditioning work into your training plan.

You can tailor these conditioning elements to your specific objectives, whether you’re looking to boost endurance, increase calorie burn, or improve recovery between strength sessions. The options range from traditional steady-state cardio to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sport-specific drills.

Relentless carefully balances these conditioning components with your strength training to ensure they support, rather than hinder, your muscle and strength development. This comprehensive approach helps you build a well-rounded fitness foundation while keeping your powerlifting goals at the forefront.

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Changing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t about going to the gym a few times; it is about building healthy daily habits and a mindset that helps you stay the course even when life gets rough.

We know that consistency is key, and we provide the tools you need to reach the level of fitness that you have always been capable of reaching.

You will crush your imaginary boundaries by just showing up and doing the work.

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