Anna Viggedal

Where? Stockholm, Sweden
What? Crossfit and weightlifting
Insta? @anna_vig
  • Two times Crossfit Games team athlete (6th place 2016, 9th place 2021)
  • Regionals on team 2016-2018 (placing 1st, 7th, 6th)
  • Several Sanctionals individually, best performance being 7th place at the French Throwdown 2019
  • 3 times functional fitness world championships, 2 times on team and once individually


Anna is working as senior designer and Innovation leader at an agency helping clients with all things innovation, service design and software development.

Before finding crossfit, she spent her life growing up doing rhythmic gymnastics. She stopped doing that competitively at the age of 21, and then spent some years taking classes at a global gym and dancing, mainly ballet. Alongside crossfit, she’s been competing in olympic weightlifting. At a younger age, before being a dedicated gymnast, she played around with different sports.

What makes you Relentless?

Since 2019 my athletic career has been all but smooth. I suffered from a shoulder trauma in 2019 (at the FTD) for which I had to go through an extensive surgery with long rehabilitation. Just when I started to get back (right after Games 2021) I got complications from the COVID vaccine, myopericarditis. While rehabbing my shoulder and now waiting for my heart to recover I have been the definition of relentless. It would have been easy to walk away and give up. But that isn’t who I am. I have had to adapt my training for over 3 years now, but I’m still determined to get back and be the competitive athlete I believe I can be, in one way or another. Because my fire is burning and no matter what life throws at me I know my why.

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