David Shorunke


2x CrossFit Games athlete, with multiple international competition podium placings, though my most considerable merit probably is keeping up with Emma on a daily basis.


Played basketball for 7 years. Rowed for 4 years (2 years for Oxford Brookes University). Powerlifting/bodybuilding style training for a year before moving into Olympic weightlifting. I discovered CrossFit in late 2013 when rehabbing a knee injury while applying to join the Royal Marines. I was slowly turned to the dark side and five months later placed 10th at Europe Regionals, 100% hooked.

What makes you Relentless?

The daily readiness, particularly the fact that it takes sleep quality into account. This is the most significant factor in recovery and, thus your ability to meet the intensity/skill requirement of a session, so the fact that the app takes this metric into account by adjusting the training in response to your sleep is huge.

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