Elvira Ek

Where? Falun, Sweden
What? CrossFit
Insta? @elvira.ek
  • National team athlete
  • Swedish Champion in functional fitness U20
  • 10-time world champion on the ski-erg


Elvira have always loved to train and was already at a young age very dedicated to putting in many hours to become the best she could be. Throughout her life she put those hours in playing soccer and in later years combined with a lot of strength training.

She also did a lot of figure skating and dancing, but realized that if you want to be great (best) at something you have to put a lot of hours into it. So she decided to just keep up playing soccer and she was pursuing the dream of representing the national soccer team.

She had two friends who thought she should try crossfit, but she resisted for a while before she went to the box. Elvira went inside and have since then never left. She combined soccer and crossfit for a year before she decided to focus on crossfit. She moved from Gothenburg to Falun and in 2021 she was representing Sweden at the functional fitness World Championships.

What makes you Relentless?

“I’m pretty good at being scared, but do it anyway. Every success and the progress behind it, starts with a normal person that is also nervous. You can lose a lot if fear stops you. If you want to be better than you were yesterday or follow dreams, you have to be brave enough to put the hard feelings away ( aka learn to handle them), do your best and believe in yourself.”

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