Feeroozeh Saghafi

Where? USA
What? Professional CrossFit Athlete
Insta? @fee.saghafi

2017 Team Regionals athlete
2018 Individual Regionals Athlete
2019 CrossFit Games Rookie
2020 CrossFit Games Qualifier
2020-2022 7th Place Semifinalist at MACC & Granite Games
2022 CrossFit Games Demo Team Member
2023 CrossFit Games Athlete


Growing up I have always had a love for sport and playing outside! My favorite memories revolved around playing with the guys in the neighborhood games of pickup baseball, basketball, football, dodgeball, kickball… you name it! However, my family was extremely big on music as well! As much as I had a passion for sports I was directed to a life of music, playing the violin at the age of 4 until I was 18. 14 years of chamber group, orchestra, private lessons, music theory, and trips to the symphony. Through my teenage years I fell in love with volleyball and as a freshman started Varsity on my volleyball team- my crazy dream was to become a professional volleyball player and represent team USA! Those dreams died quickly because of my music obligations and lack of opportunity to develop in the sport. Fast forward to 2013 I found CrossFit- insecure, overweight, unhealthy mentally and physically, and looking for a community to hold me accountable and keep fitness fun. Throughout my time developing in CrossFit I fell in love with my community, coaching, and the sport. I continued to watch strong girls compete at the highest level and it sparked my competitor’s side once again- I always thought how cool it had to be to feel so strong and so capable. I wanted to show myself that I could become that too, even if it meant starting on a clean slate and not having any experience. From a 19 year old girl just looking for a fun fitness routine to now a 28 year old professional CrossFit athlete- I would say my CrossFit experiences have brought me the best journey and people in my life!

What makes you Relentless?

What makes me relentless is the ability to turn failures into lessons, mistakes into stepping stones, and the tenacity to stay in pursuit towards my goals and continue to persist even when it would be easiest to give up.

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