Nick Mathew

Where? Minnetonka, USA
What? Crossfit
Insta? @coachnmathew

inside of CrossFit , 14th fittest man on earth 2022, rookie of the year 2022, CrossFit Games 2023 athlete.


Nick Mathew, a professional CrossFit Athlete, is the Head Coach and General Manager at CrossFit Minnetonka. With a fitness journey that began at 15, he excelled as a three-sport athlete and developed a passion for various training styles and healthy living beyond sports. As a dedicated personal trainer and nutrition coach for over a decade, Nick has competed in Body-Building and Power/Olympic Lifting. In 2022, he earned the esteemed title of the 14th Fittest Man on Earth at the CrossFit Games Championship. Known for his direct, intentional, and fun coaching style, Nick will be your biggest supporter, assisting you in creating goal-oriented plans and holding you accountable. Additionally, he is the reigning rookie of the year for 2022 and is set to compete in the CrossFit Games 2023.
What makes you Relentless?

I would say is my resilience and “relentlessness throughout my CrossFit career being so close to making it to the games multiple times and continuing to push to become better and finally achieve my goals!

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