Patricia Strenius

Where? Stockholm, Sweden
What? Crossfit & Weightlifting
Insta? @strenius
  • European Weightlifting Champion 2018 & 2022
  • Competed at CrossFit Regionals 2012-2015 as an individual and with team CrossFit Nordic. And then again 2022 with Nordic team again.
  • 4th at the Olympic Games 2020 (weightlifting)


Patricia has always been training a lot of different things – from sport shooting to aerobics. But when growing up, she focused a lot on football, track and field and later CrossFit leading up to weightlifting.

She started coaching 2014 at CrossFit Nordic and since then she has done multiple coaching hours with groups and one on one coaching.

What makes you Relentless?

I love training and love to try and learn new things. I’m never satisfied and I always want to be better at everything. I never half ass anything in life.

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