Press n Pull

Grow arms lika a Gorilla. We used to joke about that a feat of being a Gorilla was to at least shoulder press your bodyweight. With this program I shoot for pressing 110% of my bodyweight, breaking the infamous barrier of 100kg. While I am at it I aim to raise my weighted pull-up with 6-8kg as well.

This is a complete upper body program suitable for anyone that want to break barriers.

Experience: You need to have a minimum of six strict pull-ups to get the most out of the program on the pulling side. On the pressing side there is no lower barrier.


What do our customers think?

Allt var super frånsett att jag fick gå ner i vikt på strikta pressarna; har nog gått in med för hög vikt plus att jag inte har kört proggen på ett tag men jag gillar upplägget!!
-- PG about Press n Pull

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