Press n Pull

Grow arms lika a Gorilla. We used to joke about that a feat of being a Gorilla was to at least shoulder press your bodyweight. With this program I shoot for pressing 110% of my bodyweight, breaking the infamous barrier of 100kg. While I am at it I aim to raise my weighted pull-up with 6-8kg as well.

This is a complete upper body program suitable for anyone that want to break barriers.

Experience: You need to have a minimum of six strict pull-ups to get the most out of the program on the pulling side. On the pressing side there is no lower barrier.


Merged into Relentless Trainer

All the good stuff from this program has moved into the Ai-Revolution, Relentless Trainer


Smarter coaching closer to you

Relentless Trainer constantly adapt the training sessions based on:

How you feel

Daily readiness, abilities, sleep, limitations, previous workouts.

Where you are

Daily readiness, abilities, sleep, limitations, previous workouts.

What you like

At home, at the gym or at a hotel. Add locations & available equipment..

Time & schedule

Goals, interest, favorite movements, mobility and custom sessions..

Connected apps & devices

Fitness trackers such as Garmin, Apple Health, Strava, Fitbit etc..


Shareable training sessions and a rich inspiring community.

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