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We want to change the entire fitness industry.

We believe that generic programming ”for everyone” really is for no-one. It’s not adjusted to you and your preconditions. It doesn’t take into account if you’ve had a shitty day at work or if you didn’t sleep well last night.

Our app does that.

The smartest coach you've ever met.

300,000 registered training sessions over 10 years and more than one million data points!

No wonder we are really confident about our trainer app and we’re really not afraid to label it the smartest coach you’ve ever met.

Show up. That's all you really need to do.

The rest is up to us. The Relentless Trainer will do the planning, ask the questions, calculate reasonable load and figure out the right volume.

And if you need more flexibility – the app will give you plenty of mobility training too.

Relentless Trainer is continuously tailoring your training plan and constantly evolves with you and your abilities.

  • Automatically adjusts the volume based on your performance, recovery and training frequency
  • Adjusts to your schedule and available time
  • Uses your equipment, no more exercise substitutions!
  • Finds your weaknesses and eliminates them
  • Automatically balances your training based on your goals