Ai-periodization towards a CrossFit competition

We have done the impossible

Periodization in a nutshell

Impossible done possible

The sport of CrossFit is extremely hard to to program for. Any coach that has been in the game for a while knows this. This is why you need a coach. Sure you can get big benefit from a generic program but the generics cannot adapt to your individual goals, it’s just facts.

In October we launched “weakness elimination blocks” which is the foundation for for this new very cool thing. In May we discovered that we needed to change how the entire platform was built to support periodization towards a client-selected goal date.

How it works

Depending on the gap to the goal, the client will have more phases to go through. I have selected April as a time to peak for the QF so I am now in the “Specific Preparatory” phase. If I would have selected a goal in for example June/July I would have been in the “General preparatory” phase.

In the various phases we have the opportunity to train different kinds of things. Think of it as themes. The further away we are from the goal, the more off-season it will feel like with more strength focus and the closer we get to the comp date the more barbell cycling and more intensity we get.

With a big difference from classic periodization. We always train CrossFit, it’s just the theme, focuses and intensity that changes.


It is in BETA-mode but it is a darn good beta, that is for sure. It has pumped me up in getting back to compete some again. It’s been so long that I have forgot how to do it haha!

Always eat at your own restaurant

I am staying true to that I always will dine with Relentless and I am happy how far we have come with the product in just a few years. It is amazing and I am getting stronger again. At 46 years old!

A big thanks to the team

I want to give my crew a big extra Christmas hug. The masterminds behind this is David Shorunke, Scott Panchik, Viktor Långsved and me.

Now, make sure to take care of your family and loved ones during the holidays. I know you are stressed, heck I am a bit stressed but I so much look forward to meeting my family up the blistering North

Like my father says. “Take care of eachother”, that phrase means more than you know.

Did a quick shout on the tube that you can check here

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//Marcus Herou


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