Conditioning revamp

Ever since we built the Trainer we have had a constraint. We could only program single pieces of conditioning due to limitations in the App and specifically the modifications to a piece.

Users were able to click the button “new workout” if they wanted something different. Initially this felt like a pure shuffle and some liked it, but I did not. Random is the enemy. 

So we narrowed it down into only shuffling through pieces with the same intent. Then we introduced hand written workouts like benchmarks. This created a limitation for the user.

If a user wanted to do something else due to lack of equipment or abilities then there were no options to get something completely different.

Last week we added the possibility to change movements in a benchmark and if a user did so it would no longer be treated as a benchmark. After all you cannot get on a scoreboard with a modified workout right.

With version 3.3.2 a user can now change the conditioning piece and even add a new one.

I know this has long been a wanted feature, for me personally as well!

On a platform level this opens up a big range of possibilities to create even more fun workouts.




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