Every move counts

If you have version 3.2.X installed you have probably noticed that a new Box has appeared in the calendar dashboard. Fitness Points. What’s up with that?

Part of our DNA is to support and inspire you to show up no matter how motivated you are. Because we know that will help you build health mental strength and the results you want. 

We have used the WHO guidelines for weekly activity as a base for our fitness points system and on top of that we have added a sleep score since we know that sleep is the foundation for a strong and healthy body. 

We have also added a NEAT-score (NON-EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS) which in reality is anything that do not spike a heart rate over 60-65% of your max heart rate. We use a readily available metric on all devices these days. Steps per day.

Science points to that the most benefit in terms of lowered mortality happens from 0 to 4400 steps daily. A whopping reduction of over 40%! From 4000 to 8000 another 20% of reduction happens. So even if you do not hit those famous 10k steps a day have an aim to at least 4400. Our algorithm gives you the most points in the ranges supported by science. 

The 10k steps a day goal is a myth but to be fair it’s not that far off. People should walk more random during a day. The more random seems to be better as well versus one long bout but do not let that hinder you. Better to move than to not move at all.

What all this means is that you might not win in training minutes per week at Relentless but you can win in life. You will get points and a high five for things we believe in contributes the most to your well being.

Read more about the WHO guidelines here.

This article about steps and mortality is a good summary. Here is a meta-study on the topic as well.



Make your move.

Beat your beast.

Break your box.

Changing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t about going to the gym a few times; it is about building healthy daily habits and a mindset that helps you stay the course even when life gets rough.

We know that consistency is key, and we provide the tools you need to reach the level of fitness that you have always been capable of reaching.

You will crush your imaginary boundaries by just showing up and doing the work.

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