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Relentless is expanding

The Relentless brand has revolutionized the training sphere with our innovative, personalized approach to training and lifestyle. With the recent additions to the core team with Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Scott Panchik we are ready to flex our muscles.

The Pandoras box we opened

The thing we are building right now will blow your mind as it opens a vast amount of doors. Imagine having any workout, and I mean any workout screenshotted and having that workout scaled and adapted to you. It could be from a competitive training plan, the whiteboard or just instagram. We have that tech.  

This is so cool, we can individualize anything, even a handwritten piece of paper.

Going north

In the autumn, we are planning on going big, and I cannot wait to share the details with you. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a lot of banging my own drum here, right? But for crying out loud, everyone I talk to is interested in what we do. That’s the plain truth. We have created a really cool thing that has been proven to have space in the market.

Big is beautiful but big move slow

One thing that I have enjoyed the most about our current investor team is that it consists of successful people who actually work out. They are just as passionate as I am about Relentless.

Venture capital though is a must when we approach a Series-A investment round, supporting our direction and vision. But right now I feel blessed to have secured 60% of this round from our current owners that enables us to move fast and focus on the core.

Community investors

One thing that has been a pain point throughout the years is that I’ve had at least 50 conversations with die-hard supporters of what we do and who wanted to be a part of Relentless on the shareholder side. However, the possible ticket to invest was a bit shy of what we can afford in just sheer administration.

I recently became aware of the Seedrs crowdfunding platform enabling us to bring the community to support our cause. We will collaborate with Seedrs simultaneously as we bring on some bigger investments.

We will go live soon with Seedrs and open the pre-registration phase. I will tell you all about it in just a short while!  

The opportunity is already here though. I am having the conversations with existing and new investors in this round.

If you want to know more about becoming an investor in Relentless, just hit that reply button and lets schedule a call.

Speak soon 💪

//Marcus, loves Deadlifts and hates bugs


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