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A lot of things going on and if we could grab your attention for a couple of minutes we’d love to tell you all about it.

Hey, what’s up?

Well… a lot actually and if we could grab your attention for a couple of minutes we’d love to tell you all about it…

Updated in-session look

A couple of days ago we launched the new and fresh in-session look which hopefully will make it much easier for you to register results mid-training:

One of the things we’ve improved is the ability for the app to pre-populate all fields – this means that if the app already knows your maxes, it’s going to enter pretty much all scores beforehand. Cool, huh?

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Quarterfinal success!

A bunch of our ambassadors did the CrossFit Quarterfinals last weekend and performed awesome:

Emma Tall
8th Worldwide
3rd in Europe
Nick Mathew
15th Worldwide
6th North America West
Thuri Helgadottir
12th Worldwide
5th in Europe
Fee Saghafi
17th Worldwide
9th North America East
Angelica Bengtsson
144th Worldwide
50th in Europe
Elin Ericson
724th Worldwide
192nd in Europe

Angelica is 36 years old and will also do quarterfinals for Age Group 35-39
Viktor Långsved and Antonia Fält-Kottulinsky are doing Team quarterfinals later this month

Still free for teens

And finally a little reminder that the Relentless Trainer is totally, absolutely, 100 percent free of charge for anyone until they turn 20. No strings attached!

Just follow this guide below or take a look on our website:

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