The CrossFit Sweethearts


Get insights about how the life of David Shorunke & Emma Tall looks

David & Emma

The CrossFit Sweethearts

Last week in Berlin we were at the scene witnessing Emma Tall and David Shorunke both punch their tickets to the CrossFit Games.

The outcome is a dream come true for them. We obviously wanted to get to know a bit more about how they pulled it off. What does a normal day look like for am elite CrossFit couple?

We gave them a call a few days ago and you can watch it now on our podcast!

Click on the photo or here to get to the podcast.

What are we up to?

We have without a doubt made an impact with the app in Sweden. We Swedes are known for being very innovative in IT and hopefully Relentless will join the crowd that creates legacies.

We have so many to thank for backing us. Our users foremost. The best (and sometimes worst) is to read through our Slack channel of customer feedback. To a big chunk of people we are making a change to their fitness and health. That is what it is all about. To raise the bar everyday and to put our backs into it.

We are putting our gaze at launching for real in the US. We are heading out there next week to start an exciting journey together with someone you guys sure know a few bits about. We are super excited to tell you more about that in the upcoming months.

We want to make a change in the fitness industry! Starting with the CrossFit sphere, and there is nowhere better to do that than in the US.

Tell me one good thing

Hey Marcus, could you stop rambling about the future and things you want to implement and tell me something that you have done already?

Even though rephrased, this was the essence of a question that a buddy asked me yesterday. Rarely do I stop to embrace what we have done, I always strive for the horizon.

I think one of the most prominent things we have done is recognizing that everybody has limitations in




On top of that people have different goals with their training. Some wants to improve their conditioning game, some their squat, some has a set event in six months. A generic program will never fix these things. The platform we have built is focused around you. So if I would just leave it to one thing that we have done it would be that.

We addresses the fact that everybody deserves an individual training plan and we have worked thousands of hours to make it happen.

Hey Marcus, you are getting all visionary on me again! Can you just tell me a bit about this location and equipment thing that seems pretty cool?

Alright lets go, I can talk all day.

Most have a home, right? Many would like to be able to throw in some training for multiple locations, right? So why is no one addressing this in the same training plan? Well, we are!

In the app you can add multiple locations, add equipment to that location and get optimized training for that specific equipment setup.

We have built this because we know how it works in reality. This exact feature has probably saved my fitness. You know when you stop working at 8pm and you feel like shit because you haven’t worked out? Well guess what? This is me on a regular basis. Even though I do have a chin-up bar, a few kettlebells and a wall so I can train whenever I want to. But it’s boring to come up with it by myself. Then there is this other thing. The reps I do “outside” of my training-plan does not feel like it counts because it’s not a “Snatch”. Well that is just plain wrong. Get down on the floor and give me 100 pushups, Sir. If you only do that and nothing else three times a week I guarantee that your fitness will stick around for a long time.

So I click 30 mins and choose “Home” and get a piece that might not be as optimal as going to the gym but it is for sure thought through. Much better time spent than pulling out a pen and paper and start thinking.  

The same feature enables you to add or remove that Yoke you have in the gym that gathers dust. No more sled pulling in your program if you do not have a sled. No more pushing boxes.

I guess my friend is right, this feature is really cool. In my opinion it is one of the smallest contributions we have made but a still a significant one in practice.

Cycling up Relentless Trainer

Time to get visionary again! But the vision is only two months away so very real.

Imagine getting on a program. The normal case is to start off this program with a test phase, which is pretty tough. No one really wants that but as coaches we know this is a necessity to be able to create a training journey.

What if we could solve this with Ai? What if you would get a cycle with focus on eliminating your weaknesses without starting off with all those fitness tests?

Imagine putting an event date in the calendar six months ahead and this program would be able to give you a clear roadmap within seconds.

No program can do these things. But ours will, very soon.

This is exactly what we are working on now and also why we have attracted interest from the heart of CrossFit.

This is cool as well (understatement of the day).

Why not check out the current state of Relentless Trainer at ?

For those loyal and who have stayed with us since the first beta in 2021 know that we have come a far way. I think you will notice that improvements happen on a weekly basis. We cannot start a revolution without putting our backs into it and be swift on making changes!

See you at work!

Now go ahead and listen on what’s going on in Emma & David’s apartment.

//Marcus Herou, CEO of Relentless


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