Rebecka Vitesson has a fantastic CrossFit season S01E03 Relentless Podcast

We sat down with Rebecka Vitesson and talked about her fantastic season – with a place at the CrossFit Games 2023 as the cherry on top of the cake. Check out this hour long interview.

Here’s the full transcript of this episode:


Hi guys, and welcome to the third episode of the Relentless Podcast My name is John Annerud and with me I have Marcus Herou today our very very special guest is. . . Rebecka Vitesson or ‘Vitesson’ depending on how you wanna pronounce


the swedish names she punched the ticket to the CrossFit Games in the Berlin SemiFinals with a spectacular performance in Event No 6 and since we saw that we have been super curious to hear what she’s all about. and we’re gonna give her a call, right now. there we go hello Rebecca how are you doing


I’m doing good thank you thank you for having me all right have you come down from the insane week you just had yeah I think so all right trying to sink in yeah have you started training yet yeah I started Monday so yes 3 days ago now yeah seems like like everyone took


like a full week off last week think that’s sort of something new or new it’s like something when well when the sport like guess more mature people actually start to take things you know take breaks back in my day people yeah no they were not yeah just continue no


yeah I think I’ve seen some different like some people started earlier I saw but I just know what works for me and I know that I need a break in order to keep pushing even harder but don’t everybody really need a break isn’t it just like tough guys that I just yeah you know like I’m gonna do Murph every day for a year


you know those people like we never take a break just weakness whatever like and also need a break definitely and also by having experience you know that having a break will only make you stronger so yeah that’s where you get stronger you get stronger when you sleep yeah except all right cool


so have you have you like realized yet that you’re like you’re going through the games I would like to sunk in it’s crazy like every time I think about it it’s yeah it’s pretty unreal still but yeah I think so kind of yeah yeah you’ve been before


you’ve been a team twice right once actually because then Corona came and Covid so we couldn’t we’re qualified but we never got there because of Covid okay all right were you a sub in some of the years yeah and then I was a sub in 2017 with Team Fabriken oh right right


right I see I had a look at this I was like she was she was in Fabriken when she had the game so I was confused you know yeah I didn’t go back and look look at all the footage yeah she there you know 17


was that still when they were 3+3 in the team yeah yeah it’s insane to keep track of that yeah why do you think they made a switch from six to four to make it more like approachable for audience as well I think and you can make much funnier workouts and involve the whole team instead of like having to rest too much and yeah I think you can be more creative I remember watching the invitational was called that


when they took like superstars put them in a team from the same country or region and it was 2 + 2 and I was like this is awesome why aren’t they doing this you know and obviously they figured you know that this was kind of kind of great


yeah I’m sure it helped that it was like Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin and. . you know like I’m sure that helped too but it was a for a better competition but you think it’s gonna be different to go there of course it’s gonna be different how different do you think it’s gonna be to actually


from being a team to actually go as an individual a lot different because also like now I’m even more like even closer to all the superstars like now it’s really like I’m the top 40 in the world so it’s definitely another like League


do you have a little bit of imposter syndrome still like how did I get here kind of thing like I was the first three days I was like up here and everyone was saying congratulations and like everything was so good and then a week like a whole week I was kind of sad


because there was so many emotions that like that had to settle in and to understand and yeah like my first training day I was like it was I felt so yeah a little empty huh was it a little empty perhaps like yeah yeah kind of got there what now kind of thing it kind of yeah


you need a little moment to like restructure your goals and click all right now it’s the next thing what is your goals for the games this year um well I I’ve had of course my my main goal was to qualify to the Games but the whole season I tried to kind of like having a goal that I want to do my best like I want to see how far I can get


I wanna like crush every workout as good as I can and then it doesn’t matter what the others do so my goals for the games is that I want to show up and I want to prove that I belong there and that I can follow along and I want to have some workouts that I yeah that I can do very well in are you nervous about this


like they always throw a huge wrench like in the gears for the athlete every year like they always like alright you’re gonna walk over a mountain or you’re gonna have to figure out this gymnastics skill that is impossible or you’re like a little bit like okay this is no I think that just makes it more fun


because that’s what draw me to Crossfit is that it was just a playground for me and that’s really what games is because there’s so many different elements and gymnastics and technical and yeah so yeah I’m looking forward to it it’s gonna be crazy yeah so I’m personally waiting waiting to see what is the capital of this year


like the event the capital last year it was epic yeah I was like what what is it gonna be this year right yeah exactly 10 times worse if you’re actually gonna do it yeah so we were there you know on the sidelines last year on the capital


and it’s like I can tell you it’s like it was so intense we were right at the then the second last set of stairs and you know people yes you know it was so you could feel the pain they were in is like they couldn’t literally get one more step up oh yeah it’s like


you know it was yeah it’s like from a spectacular view I think that was like one of the best events I’ve been at because and I also think actually the athletes as well probably thought this was like one of the biggest experiences it’s like when you do the


the weird things you do those are the things you remember you never remember you know thrusters and pull ups right no no doing burpees in like in model support water or you know whatever that is something different yeah yeah that’s what you remember


I think yeah yeah yeah sorry you know and I hope like from last year and I know they’re always gonna bring new elements and and like what we saw already from last year’s games and open and qualifying was that it’s pretty good at programming something very different from what we’ve seen before


but I hope that they are not gonna bring like the brought in the crossover double ends for the first time which is which is cool but it’s not cool when you can’t figure it out as an elite athlete and then you have an and very a very cool element where you got to do L sit to handstand but no one comes there


yeah no one gets there that was a bit of a waste yeah it’s way it’s waste bit of over programming for sure they haven’t they haven’t tested that enough I guess yeah because we are elite athletes and we are very good to adapt to new movements but it was maybe a little bit too Circus


two in a row like no spread them off over several events and so on yeah do you think about it a lot what it’s gonna be or do you try to put yourself a put some distance to what the programming is gonna be like of course like now when it’s real that I’m going through games


of course you speculate like what it’s gonna come and like am I gonna train enough and am I gonna touch all elements but I I trust my coach a lot and I trust the program so yeah yeah I just gonna train hard and we’ll see I have this epiphany yesterday


last night actually just like I know what the heavy lift is gonna be of course it’s wrong you know but I was like of course I thought I was a genius of course it’s heavy flips like with the pain and just increase the weight and then I realized it’s like


over a certain weight people are gonna get crushed like for real they’re gonna fall under and die sometimes no like a 400 kilo flip or whatever come back down that wouldn’t be good I don’t hope they do that sandbag last year


spoke to some of the athletes and it was like the most grueling strength test they’ve ever done because it was like you know every rep is like 30 seconds it’s like and it’s like it’s sort of like a max dead if you cleaned all storm is two years yeah that was insane to see yeah oh like


she executed it perfectly yeah for sure yeah right so so you’re training now at butchers lab so when do you make when did you make the move from Sweden to Denmark that was after CrossFit Fabriken that year so kind of got headhunted to Butcher’s lab and asked if I wanted to be at their team instead


started very funny you know Joakim Loveng yeah he was the owner of Northern Spriit then he was just going to Copenhagen for a fun trip and he was like do you want to join you can just train while I have the meeting with the guys and then after meeting he was like


joking and said you don’t want to go to Copenhagen study was like mmm haven’t thought about it but like okay and then like a week later he actually said like they actually want you on their team so I it was kind of serious


the question if you want to move to Copenhagen yeah it was like why not let’s try it out and then I got stuck I what I think about when I think about jumping back here to Berlin that insane jump you made in the last event to make t to the Games yeah do you know how many


do you remember how many spots you overtook in that event a lot I was at 13 and it was but it was only five points out it was me and another one that was five points out and the one at the 12th place she was one point out so everything was so tied yeah so it kind of was like the one who won


our heat would get the spot that was like how tight it was yeah I remember because there were so many spots up to No. 10 right so many points yeah it was like impossible to get there but 11 was in reach


yeah but because I did such a good like I got second place overall in that event got closer to the 10th spots actually yeah I was saying it was absolutely insane so what did you think what were your thoughts going into that event so I didn’t know all this that I told you now I always looked at the leaderboard in the end of the evening


when I done all three events I had no clue which placement or anything I was at when I got into the event but then right before walking into the floor my coach Andre he stood a talk to another coach and they were like speculating and yeah oh my I have an athlete


she had a contending spot and then Andre was like pointing at me like yeah we have Rebecka here she’s only 5 points out right and then I look over to my other coach I was like is that true I was like fuck that’s good or bad that was good


actually like you go yeah like usually maybe I would have been like get too much pressure or something like that but now I was like okay it doesn’t matter what happens now because I felt I already won yeah I felt I already did such a good work all week and so being at 12


like 13 spots with five points out it didn’t matter what would happen now so yeah a little bit you might go to games it’s a little bit yeah but like I tried to change my goals to like it matters what I put out on the floor right it doesn’t matter which placement I get you’re so mature


oh thanks it’s like this is such a mature answer it’s like it’s something that takes like you know 10 years to realize yeah it does it’s like it’s so hard so but going to that have you had issues with that ruin your day by having like


bad practice etc or or have you have experience in the past when you put too much focus on the results on the scoreboard yeah yeah just look at open and quarter finals that’s a perfect example like I think this year’s quarter finals was I had the pressure from last year because I got sick for the qualifiers last year so I didn’t even make it to the semi finals


so that was a factor and then going into the quarter finals this year I had too much in my head like I want to qualify for the games like yeah I was too obsessed with that thought that I just underperformed so yeah that’s a perfect example of you would say that you underperform this year because we noticed that you were ranked 55th at quarter finals


yeah and still you punch the ticket which is yeah but that’s crazy because that’s what I mean that I felt underperforming quarterfinals because I thought I would have placed much higher and that also made it okay will I make it to the Games like do I have what it takes when I place the thing with this sport


it’s like if you if you make it to the next qualifying stage it doesn’t matter is it maybe but you made it yeah it’s more exciting who becomes eleventh or yeah who wins because that’s that’s the real that’s what it is exactly


and I know also that I work kind of well when I have audience and like the whole spectator thing yeah and when it’s all like live on stage rather than online so I was I tried to like yeah have that confidence Berlin was crazy we were there it was super loud


like I had yeah pain in my ears and even you know that the whole arena was like metal in like plates all around it so when somebody screamed it just bounced around yeah that was cool it’s good to have the warm up area of the athletes area it was pretty quiet in there


I liked it yeah it was a good setup wasn’t it like they had all the gear I think that you needed yeah definitely except some sleds but it’s like I think it was good good setup yeah


yeah our arena was much bigger than the US arenas they were like you know high school basketball course something like that yeah saw the first one set of stance no vibe yeah at least not on the broadcast so yeah it looked very weird on the live stream yeah yeah so if you


if you compare this arena to be the one in Berlin in 18 what do you think about the setup think it was quite the same I would say yeah wasn’t it the Velodrome in 18 yeah yes I think that I think the competition floor is like similar but from a spectator standpoint I like in 18 we had a velodrome in between down to the actual state


because it’s and put some distance between and the athletes but I think from the from athlete perspective I think the the scene was really good in 18 as well yeah it was yeah but it was crazy this year we sat you know


with the rope clamps in the rig we sat on that side of this of the stadium so we were like four meters away where you know athletes life fell apart basically when they couldn’t make the rope climbs or whatever so sorry for laughing oh my God but my spouse will kill me like 3 meters away


and you see somebody’s face like I’m not gonna make it yeah it’s over it’s like oh my God yeah horrible and some people made it awesome you know what I mean it was such drama it was really cool to be that close that’s nice yeah


like what would you say was your favorite event obviously sick it was pretty good but like I think ah it’s a hard one because of course like when you do good it’s it’s always good right but I think the snatch event it wasn’t my favorite going into that event but I think it’s my favorite because that’s where it all turned


that’s where like I felt like myself again and looked up and really tried to enjoy the whole yeah the whole thing the nerves went away there yeah the nerves and yeah because I remember after her Linda I was so done I didn’t want to continue I told my coach


I don’t even want to snatch now I’m out I don’t want to do this Crossfit it’s too much all the hard work for this was so done you didn’t finish it yeah no I didn’t finish it had you finish it in in training no I never I never done a single event in training actually I just did intervals


yeah really interesting approach because everybody else that we talked to have like we’ve done it like this they have like set up multiple scenarios and tested and retested and have their but you just like no yeah intervals and then trusting like for example


at that last event if you do one round you know the split times and then yeah for example but only no end roles so but the events or just random intervals or what are you like yeah yeah no no off the events yeah


sure interesting yeah yeah and is that like to put put away some pressure on you know nobody likes to do Fran in practice like five times right it’s like you want to you want to save your mental energy for the game for when it matters


exactly and then it’s always tough when you come into the competition floor and it’s like oh I did this on training I did that and then it’s just negativity there’s Round 3 where I always fall apart awesome like you don’t want to have that you just yeah yeah yeah alright so so you said you had a bit of difficulty leading up


to the snatch event yeah so then did you have difficulty day 1 as well no that was like all right I think I had in the first event I think my runner was a little bit tough to run on. I had hard time to hold to my paces that I knew that I was able to hold from training and so yeah like and it’s not a wheelhouse workout anyway


so it was okay placement but I also worked hard for it so I would have I wanted to place higher on that one and then the second event tough judges a very tough I got not on a lockout but on my dip so it was that she wanted me to to like


go straight up like this in a dip I wasn’t allowed to like do the the muscle up kick just then she thought that I was just leaning my upper body which I didn’t it’s just a matter of you know what they think so first round I did six complexes


because yeah I had to do one extra then I walk into the pistols and the judge is like super strict with my pistols like I had to be completely still each rep at the top like if I wobbled a little no repping really it’s a downside to having these events in Germany I’m joking but yeah


but I was like laughing at it to myself like hey like this is the standard then I walk back to the judge for the muscle up and I asked like why do you No Rep me like what am I doing wrong I don’t understand


because she was like shouting the hip while I was doing the muscle up I was like what with my hip and then she showed me and I was like oh this changes the whole workout if I need to change my dip mm hmm so yeah I did it correct on the second


I didn’t get a No Rep but then in the third round I was blown out yeah yeah I just couldn’t hold on yeah it’s it’s really it’s really hard it’s like and the issue is when the judging is isn’t like consequent across the lanes which I saw so many they got away


you know with the classic this thing in the in both the muscle up And no end it up ended it it’s also frustrating because I know Andre is very strict with standards and he looked through all my videos and saw me doing the complex it’s perfect mmm yeah yeah this is the level of like


humanity that comes into it because it’s not a machine that’s judging you it’s a person a person for a bad day Ms don’t want to create like drama but I saw definite examples of like that’s a superstar in the rings and we’re gonna cut them some slack but it’s that’s I guess it’s a part of it


we’re gonna have to accept for the time being I don’t know I know I guess it could happen to some it could happen to your competitors as well in a way and I also heard from other competitors that they also had tough judges which is like then it’s all right because as long as it’s the same standard for everyone


yeah it’s fun yeah so since Andre is a coach is he able to like coach you during this event or do you have like an assistant coach no then I have an assistant coach yeah and he’s from my gym so yeah sometimes he jumps in for my sessions at my gym so what’s his name good his name is Patrick Taylor


hmm okay yeah yeah well another name to remember of course yeah very successful this weekend there definitely yeah so how’s your how’s your training going to look like now leading up to the games and what what are your travel plans the training


obviously is going to be a lot more technical a lot more like a little bit all over you know trying different setups like the CrossFit part is not going to be as structured and then travel plans want to try to travel yeah a little bit earlier maybe mid July but we’ll see it obviously costs a lot of money to travel to the States so yeah during Games it’s Crazy


yeah me and John we were checking maybe you were wise and booked our BB like long time before we didn’t and we’re like yeah good it’s like only I was like 12,000 or something like that for being there a week yeah good oh a day a day


yeah so everybody is like forget about it it’s like it’s crappy hotels all the way for us yeah cause we are gonna live at the ethnic hotel and then we get a special rate for the athletes which is two hundred thirty nine dollar per night and it’s it’s also expensive yeah it’s nothing special about that unless it’s normal so are you gonna stay in Chicago prior or are you gonna be somewhere else


we’re trying to look at maybe go to Mayhem in Tennessee I think it is yeah that would be a cool experience be there for a week and then we’ll meet up with the rest of them shoguns in Madison leading up to it mm hmm so are you then are you gonna travel with the team as well I mean or are you gonna go separate yeah we’re gonna go separate


because they can’t travel that early yeah I’m a little bit more loose so I probably travel with my boyfriend only the first and then we’ll meet up with the rest yeah go to Mayhem and get all the star struckness out of the way just watch like this spot yeah so you have been to the you know the warm up area and everything so do you feel like that you know


your way at the games already or it’s like it was so long long time ago so it will be completely new everything I think it will feel new kind of because when I did team you always had someone else around you you wasn’t alone if you didn’t knew like no stuff but now I am completely alone


so it’s definitely gonna feel different and be a little bit nervous but I also think I mean semifinals was also new and I figured that out yeah and we all gonna have a briefing for the games and like a walkthrough where things are so mean like all the competitions on you this is gonna be new so it’s not you


in that you’re gonna have a coach on site yeah I’ll try to have Patrick Taylor if we can figure that out yeah that’s awesome somebody like like we spoke about in a recent podcast like somebody who can keep a know control about where you need to be what you need to wear


what’s gonna happen and just so you can focus on recovery and then refocus the next event stuff like that yeah gonna make a tremendous difference there yeah I don’t do that alone you’re like I don’t understand it is you just like I gotta be here then


okay where’s my shoes like what yeah I actually been to French Throwdown last year that like completely alone yeah but we figured out like with Andrew we did the whole plan and the whole schedule before so it was kind of like I wake up this time I eat breakfast this time


I walked to the arena this time this is the cold time you know everything it’s the best so then I yeah then I just look okay this is what I’m gonna do so he’s kind of having a coach on paper yeah so do you have like a strategy to like


to get down in between events it’s like I mean so where I’m going is like so what I’ve seen over the years is like that all rookies at the games they fall apart in the last days you know because there are so many sorry it’s like sorry but it’s like you know but it’s it’s like


and I think I mean one of the one reason for that is like because it’s like oh Rich Froning oh Matt Fraser oh it’s like there’s so many impressions and you never like cool down mentally because it’s like there’s so much new everywhere so fun to do the workouts


it’s so fun to see all the people it’s like so are you thinking on like trying to get like sort of a you know blackout therapy or something like that just to like cool down but I’m blind yeah blind I mean what I did for semi finals is I just went straight home between the events


I stayed there until I had to go again and and I go to the next event exactly when I have to start the warm up so I don’t spend any other time like there and then I try because I still want to soak up the feeling and the whole experience and what I did for semi finals on Day 2 there for the snatch event that I looked up like I soaked everything in


and it just gave me more power so it doesn’t make me tired which is good and then on the female side I’ve been competing with a lot of the girls already yeah so like I’m not working that sense I’ve been to Dubai and Madrid and French where a lot of girls have been already yeah just another competition


yeah a little bit bigger but yeah I don’t think it’s gonna feel like just another competition when you get to gear for like you know two three grand or you know and when they get to it and you feel like a superstar it’s like it’s something to pamper you it’s so it’s so it’s they are


so what can I do for you they really I mean to feel like that it’s like it’s pretty rare it’s gonna be cool yeah and yeah you’re just gonna like you’re really gonna feel like an athlete yeah yeah professional athletes yeah and it’s yeah


and it’s true though like getting to that state you are a proper professional athlete is this thing they used to say a long time ago when they said you know how good you have to be to suck at the Crossfit Games that kind of thing it’s like this this is the very very Pinnacle


so it’s really cool yeah it’s pretty insane yeah so if you would like pick a few things that you think that you are you know exceptionally good at and some things that you like has you have potential in what would that be um I think like gymnastic work the skill work you put skills easily


because I also grew up with gymnastics so you have that body knowledge thing yeah my foot is over there I have no idea where my body parts are when I’m like on my hands or whatever it’s great yeah you got that thing so that would be yeah something that I can manage


weaknesses none really I think I’m gonna crush it this year no but we always had things we have to work on of course so it’s more like the longer workouts the more grinding like just take event one from semi finals for example you are more quick twitch power athlete yeah I would say so yeah it’s which is like funny because like


your stature is like someone you perceive as someone is like yeah that person likes to run you know 10 k yeah I mean it’s like you’re not like you’re not short and you’re no and you’re long limbed it’s like yeah yeah and that’s so dangerous


because I remember in Dubai I don’t remember what year maybe 2019 I think so we had to run in the desert mm hmm and right before the run like I’ve never had issue with running it’s fine and then right before the running and Adrian Manuel it comes up to me and says oh you have long legs


you are a good runner you’re gonna go do good in this event and that just caught me somehow and then that was like the most horrible experience in my whole life doing that run and I think for everyone because it was in the sand of course in the desert but didn’t you have to wear a vest as well


yeah it was 5 k with vest and then 5 k back without or 3 k with and 3 k without yeah and the way back I was it was horrible and since then actually my run have been horrible because it’s always been like yeah but it’s like


been a lot of anxiety every time I had to run yeah kind of any therapy yeah yeah okay so Adrian it’s your fault if you ever see this no but that shows how much it really matters to put yourself in the right mindset for every event and so yeah it does if you can wreck it like you’re gonna win this one thanks


thanks thanks yeah so I hate when people say that like oh yeah that’s your event you’re gonna do good in that one it’s like right yeah so do you work with this do you work with like a mental coach or something or do you have


like procedures yeah I had a mental coach for yeah almost a year now maybe a total yeah so yeah it makes a huge difference doesn’t it that’s what I noticed because I think I have the capacity I think I have the strength and all the skills so for me it’s just a matter of can my head be


be there as well yeah but athletes don’t train their mind they just train their body so this is this is such an untapped potential in most it is yeah how long did it take for you to like sorry for interrupting you so how long do you think it took for you to like make any change at all by working with your coach your mental coach I think it takes some time doesn’t it


yeah I think I think actually after the quarterfinals so yeah it took maybe eight months because that’s when I realized like aha this is what I have to think this is what I have to do because I thought I thought leading up to the quarter finals I thought that I had everything like in place


that I knew what what I was gonna think if this was happening or that or you know but it wasn’t till I finished the qualifying it’s like oh okay this is what it is all about you know we need to implement the lessons you can’t just hear it sounds good but then when you actually get there then you can start applying it you know


all those classic quotes there is that you like oh that’s cliche and because you just hear it but you know like oh yeah of course but then it’s all about like actually what I call like doing the quote like actually I’m standing


yeah performing it yeah I’m living it sort of like likeness of like when I was when I was trying to get my driver’s license for for a while I only took like the theoretical classes got nothing and for a while


I was only driving and never understood the rules it was when I did them together at the same time that I actually started getting it so that’s that’s you can’t do one without the other you have to compete to be able to get the lessons of the coaching yeah exactly so fire your mental coach in your offseason I’m kidding never mind


yeah yeah exactly so John’s wife is a mental coach and that’s why he has some insight into it else can’t help but hear some yeah and I’ve gone through the process as well with my spouse and she’s been working a long time and from what I what I’ve been seeing from the sidelines it’s like it’s like


it’s sort of like when I saw that say said that you’re so mature I think it’s that is part of it it’s like when you’re mature into being an athlete sort of like on all levels both here and in performance yeah because the opposite can be perceived as immature even though it might not be just like as immature as a person


but like when you see an athlete that’s a bad event start throwing bottles and belts and screaming and that kind of stuff yo okay you’re not doing yourself any favors at this no you know exactly yeah probably not gonna make it very far yeah I don’t think we have an example in Crossfit of an athlete that is like that that have done really well


I have haha I have a top 5 athletes in the world right now that is like that so but obviously I think that person could could do better there’s a lot of insecurity going on and perhaps punch the actual goal the gold medal if the person gets


if everything falls into place yeah that person is someone who like calls calls people named during workouts you know it’s not because oh you’re in the way you’re you know but it’s it’s like a tantrum things it don’t mean what they’re saying but they are like you know you know


when something is really really difficult and hard and you’ve you know throw excuses at the world yeah yeah yeah yeah and probably your boyfriend had experienced this if he’s been away maybe I don’t know always get no but I definitely know what you mean


their excuses all but I just get this when I get very tired it’s not an excuse you can still work on that yeah and in that case they will win despite this not because of it in any way so yeah yeah so how would you


how would you like perceive yourself to perceive yourself at like an like a calm calm person or like that you get like inspiration from extrovert stuff like being in a crowd or do you get like oh so do you get energy by going to a party or does it consume energy from you


good question like if we’re talking alcohol like a real no no no no no no not that not alcohol I mean people this is like so yeah so when someone invites you to the party if you like


or it’s like yay fun no I think it’s yay fun like I can be drawn into it but I still need my own time so I think it’s a little bit of both I would say yeah yeah I think that’s like one of the things that you have touched on it like when you look to the crowd and you suck everything in I think being a person that likes to go to party


is not drinking alcohol I think that’s a plus being in that kind of setting beating if you are the other kind of person I think you need to be on this bad setting many times to be able to not get impacted by it yeah and being able to just like be in your zone and think about it yeah so did you hear any did you hear him


do you know what music that was played in Berlin uh no I can’t exactly exactly that that’s pretty cool I feel no clue no like when I walk into the floor and like before I’m starting like I cannot oh this is nice but then I can’t remember anything


and that’s obviously a sign that you’re doing the right thing but I can hear the speakers I do listen sometimes I stay in my zone but at least and so instead of like looking at my competitors I try to navigate what’s happening by the stuff they all do that


you all do that don’t you like I haven’t heard about an IMB by maybe one or two let’s say that you don’t care at all what’s going on but so many are listening for some clues to what’s happening on the field yeah like yeah because sometimes that’s what happened yeah that’s what happened in the last event at semifinals because going into third round


I could always hear Sara and Jacqueline it was the only athletes they were talking about and and then I could hear and saw the hand up for those athletes so I knew when they had five cals back and that’s what when I knew that now I push yeah I thought when I’m there listening to the MC that like okay you just told everyone on the floor where that guy is


exactly I’m not sure you made him a favor Bergman has 2 calories left like all the other athletes are just like you know exactly like you’re really calling somebody out it’s not it’s not fair because yeah that’s it’s good to be underdog because they don’t talk about you so you’ve just


I’m coming for you did you have an underdog feeling going into the competition and I don’t know maybe a little or did you put the or did you put the pressure on I mean you know being there okay I can like blend in you know the spots are not on me


did you feel that was like good or bad I more felt like a underdog on day 2 because on day 1 everything 0 0 anyway from the quarterfinals so you don’t know yeah so it was more on Day 2 we were like okay now it doesn’t matter what happens let’s continue to just be proud


of every work you do for every workout and yeah let’s take it from there wow I would I would I would sure like to know what’s going on in your mind for sure I guess it seems that you’ve been doing so much so much of the good work and you should there’s a like super cool film that’s called the Project Iceman


they just put it out so you can stream that film and you should give it a shot because it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen wow yeah it’s he like it’s a guy that wants to do the Iron Man at Antarctic if it’s called like that and it is yeah and it’s impossible but he like


learns and and takes in like how it is to have a limitless mindset and it’s just it’s so cool it you have it yeah it’s on if if you want to know what the mind can do it’s yeah you should see that one awesome yeah so we’re gonna be there in Madison rooting for you


obviously well one thing first are you Swede or Danish now this is important it’s so that’s actually super tough like obviously I’m still from Sweden like in a passport but the Danish community is awesome so I really feel welcome and I really feel like a Dane in that sense like a lot of people always like


why don’t you talk about Rebecca when it’s like a Danish podcast or whatever and then like always because she’s actually not Danish you know so I’m kind of in between it’s it’s very tough and that’s the thing when you move between countries that you don’t fully merge over to the new country but you can’t really fully go back cause a part of you is gonna be Danish forever


a little bit in the middle but these countries are very similar sides yeah it is because I also experienced a lot it’s better now but previous years I felt forget forgotten in Sweden I lived in Denmark now so it was like kind of out of the Swedish yeah so it was only when it was open when okay


there is Rebecka’s name kind of it’s very strange how this works because it seems like even though my wife is a former elite athlete and she’s the same for her she moved from Iceland to Sweden and there are cameras there are news articles and there are things like there’s nothing really happening


nothing’s really different but still when you move physically you lose touch still yeah no it shouldn’t be but yeah you do it’s weird yeah it’s really strange by as long as we can say we got three girls that qualified


we’re happy so 100% and I’m pretty proud to be one of those three girls I think it’s incredible that we have three Swedish Swedish people to the games that’s insane yeah yeah so for sure gonna be on the sidelines and now we win we know where to put our cameras it’s like but you probably have as well as good cameras we do I’ve seen your gear yeah


yeah so you’re going sort of you’re going as a solo artist so to speak to the games it’s not gonna be like a Butchers Lab kind of community no I think it’s because it’s so expensive it’s hard for people to go I had there were so many people going to Berlin which I’m so thankful of it was amazing here in the crowd and everyone you knew cheering at you


so of course gonna be a little bit emptied the games but I also understand it’s it’s hard to travel yeah there will be distractions yeah yeah yeah I think it’s like it’s gonna be like by 5 to 7 Kus I mean it’s like it’s crazy expensive for those who want to go there yeah anyway so thank you for this 50 minutes of interview already wow


all right yeah yeah time flies when you have fun yeah and good luck to you in Madison I’m sure it won’t be lucky if we ensure it will be well earned and for sure and see you there thank you thank you for having me bye bye have a nice one bye and bye


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