What goals do you have?

Features in the pipeline

As you are well aware of we had a major release just a week back but that does not stop us from doing more cool stuff right?

I just wanted to give you guys a brief roadmap about what features  are put in the short term development pipeline.

Training done outside of the app

So you want to throw down with your buddies and make sure that your training in Relentless is in sync with that workout?

This is a BIG pet peeve of mine as well. I train about once a week with people following some other kind of programming. The issue is that my own training gets impacted negatively the following day since there is no way to track that workout. WODs are often complicated beasts so we have ignored that path since we started but….

Ai to the rescue

In a proof of concept scenario we have developed a thing that can interpret a screenshot of a WOD and then use Ai to match the data with our exercise database. I’ve fed that beast with some of the most impossible workouts and even though not the exact format has been matched, it has nailed the volume down to +90%.

The volume, intensity and duration is what matters the most since if we know that you did 60 power snatches in that WOD, we know that movement pattern is fatigued and can prioritize other things.

This is a game changer for the entire product of Relentless since we are on the way to be able to interpret _any_ workout out there.

This means that you will be able to import training done during class or using a training plan like HWPO, Kriger or any other reasonably modern training plan into Relentless and have the next training session adapt to that data.

We would probably also be able to interpret a screenshot of a Concept2 rowing session, a running session etc.

This is as you can imagine pretty huge and the tech required to do it is massive.

We expect to have this in the app as a BETA early next year.

What goals do you have?

As we speak, we are building support for choosing Hyrox as an event goal with automatic periodization. I expect it to be live in about two weeks or so give or take.

What other kind of event goals do you have?

We will early next year also enable progression tracks like “the pull-up” track, “Snatch” track etc. but in what order could be in your hands.

I’ve compiled a quick questionnaire which I would love to see filled with data from you guys.

To be completely transparent. If we get enough data on a topic or goal, we will prioritize that. Meaning your vote matter in how we allocate our development resources.

Here is the link to the form. It will take max one minute to answer unless you provide us with a small reader’s digest in the “elaborate on other goals” section.

Show the data some love

I’m excited to see which goals will get the most votes and what new goals will appear through the mist

//Marcus Herou, loving deadlifts

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