Scott Panchik joins Relentless

Scott’s programming is back with tons of style

Scott joins the company


Four months ago, Scott Panchik reached out to us. “I like what you do. Give me a call. I have a few ideas”.


Those ideas were beyond fascinating, and fast-forward a few weeks, we both decided to get to work.

Scott took me through his programming principles and how he sequences a vast amount of things to maximize performance and at the same minimize the risk for injury.


We two have a similar back story. He was dragged off the field in American football due to knee injuries and so was I from martial arts. Adapting to the unique demands of CrossFit has been part of our daily lives from day one in the sport. I think we both acquired a unique skill set from our mutual history and which also off the bat puts us on the same turf in our conversation.


We both want to help athletes reach their goals with longevity in mind.


At the end of the day, those who manage to keep showing up for work beat those forced to sit on the sidelines. This is a significant part of why we started the company.


Awesome things are coming

Spending that week in Cleveland with Scott and his family made me realize how awesome the outcome will be. I watched Scott closely and was impressed by how he adapted the sessions based on his readiness. With no emotion. Just daily practice. I mean, life is adapting. There is no honor in sticking to a rigid plan. A plan should be treated as theme pieces with purpose. As long as you fulfill the purpose, you are sticking to the grand scheme, right?


This mind- and skill set blend perfectly with our brand vision and which is why I am so happy to announce that Scott is now an integral part of the development team and an investor in Relentless!


Our first milestone is being launched right after the Games. I can’t wait to show it to you!

Let’s get to work


We have a product to build; see you soon!


//Marcus Herou, CEO of Relentless

We have a unique offer valid until we launch the new services.


40% lifetime discount! In effect, it gives you $20/mth off.


Use this link to get going! If you lose the code before checkout, it’s scott_launch


Make your move.

Beat your beast.

Break your box.

Changing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t about going to the gym a few times; it is about building healthy daily habits and a mindset that helps you stay the course even when life gets rough.

We know that consistency is key, and we provide the tools you need to reach the level of fitness that you have always been capable of reaching.

You will crush your imaginary boundaries by just showing up and doing the work.

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