Give your honest input

We have done so much cool but before we head on in building new stuff, we need to take a step back to see what areas we can refine. There is no better person than you in helping us out with that. 

I’ve compiled a magic form that hopefully covers the bases without being too extensive. In the end you may give a complete freetext input bonanza. We read all user-feedback from whereever we get it so I promise your input definiteley guides the development team’s priorities.

I sent the mail with a link to this form to your inbox as well, but sometimes we hit the spam folder so reaching out to you from here as well.

I sent the email 07:44 and got 10 responses in the form before 07:55, that is crazy and tells a lot about how engaged the community is!

Update 10:12: We have 74 responses!

Thank you, you rock!

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