Max your CrossFit Open 24.3 performance with Scott Panchik

Yes! Frantasy land variant.

If you think this is a sprint, think again. It’s 15 minutes for 99% of us regardless if you can do bar muscle-ups or not.

Strategy differentiates based on if you have these muscle-ups.

Don’t have muscle-ups but you are close

Treat the first 100 reps as an EMOM to be done in 10 minutes or so. Since the muscle-up is at about 100% of your strength capacity you do not want to tax the grip or pulling strength to any limit.

Now. Each Muscle-up attempt should be done with diligence and maximum effort. Look through this article where I dissect the bar muscle-up. Perhaps you can get the BMU before Monday if you practice with intent?

Don’t have muscle-ups and you do not care to get one

Alright! Then you got CTB-Fran ahead of you. Given the capacity of this athlete I think it’s fair to say that doing 5-5 or even 4-3-3 on the CTB pull-ups right from the start will save you time in the end.

I bet however that you would benefit from training the Bar muscle-up principals since it carryover into toes to bar and all kipping foundations.

I got bar muscle-ups

Good for you! Now you may suffer even more.

I think the best strategy is to go at 85% of your capacity on the first part. 70% is too slow and +90% will tax you too much. Look at the Games athletes, they did it in 2:50 – 3:10. That is not their fastest pace.

Aiming for a time between 5-7 minutes is where I think you should aim for. This gives room for the 2nd portion without completely smoking you.

Now for the 2nd part. As always the best strategy is the most fluent one. I think it’s better to perform 4+3 on the thrusters if it means that you are able to do the first set right away. By forcing yourself mentally to do 7 unbroken you may block yourself from picking the bar up.

Same goes with the bar muscle-ups. Resting for 30s extra to do 7 reps does you no good. It’s better to hop up and chip away sets of 2 if that means you can start right away.

In fact this practice is true for all workouts. The average steady pace always wins over bursts of energy output.


It’s paramount to have your front rack & squat mobility as good as it gets since you will need to be able to breath through the thrusters.

Work on your lats and overhead positioning.

It’s a couplet which means that it will be a lot of shunting or redirection of blood flow from lower to upper limbs.

Spend 10 minutes moving between a rower, ski-erg and bike-erg or just on a bike getting your body going. 

Finally perform intervals of 5+5 every 45s/EMOM x 4-5 sets at the exact race pace you intend to perform at. Stop right before you feel a sting of first lactic. 

Good luck today!

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