Movement preparation

We have received lots of feedback since we dropped the section of Activation last autumn. Why we dropped it was due to that it never felt right to have it as it’s own section.

Instead we added support for it per block but so many things have been developed so we have not had time to implement it yet.

With the recent awareness about that you guys want prehab in your training it was due time to add this. The movement prep has some purposes

– Make specific joints more prepped for the work at hand
– Skill transfer
– Mind / muscle activation
– Prehab

However as of today we have a BETA of it in your training. It will be improved over the course of time. 

This enables us to add specific drills to for example Snatch directly connected to the exercise in between the warmup, movement prep and then the exercise specific drills. 

That feature is not live yet but the tech support for it is now built so I just need to work another weekend to get it done.

If you like it please tell us!


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