Our future lies in our kids


Kids should move more, so we’re letting anyone between 13 and 18 use Relentless Trainer for free.

Young people need to get stronger

Just the other day a new report was published, suggesting that 70% of kids globally stop moving at the age of 11. This information hit me really hard.

I can’t comprehend the disastrous effect this will have on their future and on the future of our planet. We at Relentless will do what we can to aid in this regard.

We can’t force anyone to the gym or to exercise, but at least we can give kids the incetive to move and train.

So we have decided to make Relentless Trainer available for free to anyone between 13-18 years old (where applicable by law).

The technical implementations to support age verification are already close to completion. We will let you know when it is available and in what region we will be able to enable it.

We want to thank everyone that has been and is a supporter of Relentless. It is you who has made it possible for us to take a stand.

This act feels right in every regard and this is the exact reason why I stepped into health & fitness. To be able to make an impact.

For a brighter future!

Always Relentless

//Marcus Herou

Loves coffee, coding and handstand pushups


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