Rebecca Vitesson qualified!


Learn about Rebecca’s mental game that took her to the CrossFit Games

Rebecca Vitesson

The Danish Swede

We were on site in Berlin watching when Rebecca pulled a stellar performance in the final event. With one blow she stepped in and qualified for the CrossFit Games.

We wanted to know what makes her tick so we scheduled an interview. Live now on our podcast!

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Relentless Mentality

What strikes us during these interviews is that athletes are way more mature and educated on the entire sport aspect now vs from just five years ago.

I believe that we one day will be able to synthesize what makes a winner and not and it is guaranteed found in the wiring of the brain.

That’s a short one

Tomorrow we celebrate midsummer in Sweden. The best part of the year!

So until next time, glad midsommar!

//Marcus Herou, CEO of Relentless


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