RPE or Weight?

One of our core users asked us a question that I have seen mutiple times the recent days so dedicating an article to dig into the the pieces to help more people.

Question: if I’m getting stronger in a faster rate than the app could predict, let’s say the ai suggests 10 reps at 60kg to be heavy. I feel that I can do 30 reps at 60kg to reach RPE 8.
Is it better to do the 30 reps at 60kg, or in the next set increase to 75kg x 10 reps RPE 8 OR just do the prescribed weight and reps and tell the app that this work sets felt like warm. I do want to get a decent workout of course, so my way has been to increase the weight and do the suggested reps number to achieve RPE 8. Is there a “correct” way to adjust on the fly to get the most out of the AI?

Keep up the amazing work 🫡


First off. Always use weights as mere guidance. They are just a number. I never use weights myself, only what I have today. Numbers are good since they are good for goal-setting but 110kg rarely feels the same day after day. This Tuesday I expected to have 7-9 Strict Handstand pushups in my program for 5 sets but it felt good so I went with 16! It was a good shoulder day. At that occassion RPE is a great guidance. Alright I got and RPE 9.5 despite that the program said 8.5 but hey it was a good day!

So the client asking is doing it absolutely right! However you would rarely see 10% improvement from session to session so increase with caution.

Then there is a little trick. Change the exercise from Classic, wave or whatever format to “heavy” if you feel strong today and do a heavy 3-5 repper. That will teach the Ai what you are capable of and the next session will challenge you I promise.








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