Max your CrossFit Open 24.2 performance with Scott Panchik

A 20 minute AMRAP with movements with high power output!

A significant time is spent on the rower for this workout and a general idea regarding pacing is to keep it at 3-5s/500m slower than your 5k row if you know it. 

As a general guideline.

  • High level: 1:45-1:50/1:57-2:02
  • Intermediate: 1:55/2:07

The workout for the absolute majority cannot be won on the Rower but can very well be lost on it so make sure you start at a pace that you can maintain. 

As a further general note on pace. The heart rate should not rise on the rower but make no mistake it will not lower. The Deadlifts and Double unders will offset the HR every round and will probably be maintained on the row.

Transitions are key because there so many of them, 20-30 transitions in the workout and a difference in 5s per transition adds up to 1-2 minutes.

Keep the rower, barbell and rope in a triangle with a setup that does not make you trip on the rope

Put the rope down controlled after each round so it’s easy to pick up.

Keep the straps loose to get fast in an out of the rower.

Deadlifts unbroken or in sets of 2 with a very short set-break.

For the majority the workout is won on the double unders since 350-450 of them are a lot for most and that is the only piece where people will need forced breaks. If you know beforehand that you will struggle to get through 50 unbroken, then split them in sets with very short breaks. Even as short as 5s can help. Staying in control is key for such a long workout.  


– Eat a fruit or drink carbs 30 mins before the workout. Most forget about that. 

– Perform a test round at a easy to moderate pace to gauge what your actual pace will look like and set your goal accordingly.

Good luck!


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