Sara invests in Relentless



Sara is Relentless!

Sara Sigmundsdóttir joins the brand as an investor and part of the core team.

We have known each other for a long time, and in recent years, we have discussed this crazy data-crunching thing we have going on at Relentless. What made Sara nod that summer evening when we agreed to pursue this is the impact we have in being able to individualize on so many levels. A thing she knows a fair bit about.

Of course, this is the future. For all the right reasons, we are now a team, and as CEO of Relentless, I could not be prouder to have the Avatar of the Relentless Spirit as a spokesperson for the brand.

Now, let’s break some boxes together!

Use the code sara here to get a whopping 70% discount when signing up for this Relentless-training-thing yeah.

//Marcus Herou, loves deadlifts and slaying bugs


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