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What you can expect pretty soon

We made an inquiry a couple of months ago about what things you guys wanted the most out of the app. It was an astonishing overlap with our own roadmap which made us very confident that we know what we are doing.

Our only concern and anxiety is that we want to be faster in delivering all features.

Here is the list of prominent things we have noticed that you want.

Limitations and Boosts

Easier to add limitations short and long term such as a tweaked wrist versus a knee that mechanically will be well… limited!

Also being able to easier tell the Trainer that your sure want to improve that Snatch more than the Push Jerk.

This is a major game changer, more than 50% of the people we asked put this is as the top thing they wanted. When we go around the room we see that we all are injured from time to time as well. You could say that we are the perfect beta-testers of our own product.


It’s against our core beliefs to change stuff. We should always strive to deliver the perfect session. Given that we are not perfect and no circumstance is perfect we will make it easier to modify the session.


Being able to change stuff in the conditioning segments is a long wanted feature. I feel you, I have the same feelings. We have actually been developing this for two months already but I can tell you. It is overly complex so it takes time.

Add your favourite exercises

While we are at it we will add the possibility to add your own movements to the session and remove things. To be able to change reps and weights.

A perk by letting you modify more is that we will also know that you did. The Ai can then pick that up and prioritize the things you like more.

Peak for an event

A feature I wanted already in March 2022 was to enable you to peak for a CrossFit event but this whole “building a mature product” got in the way for my plans.

How would it work?

– Signup for a date and an event type.

– We identify your areas with most potential and build those up.

– The closer you get to the event the more specific the training will get. More Thrusters and Pull-ups!

We have dissected the plan in phases and we call them General Preparation and Specific Preparation each phase has sub phases. You can stay in the General Phase for a long time.

During the General Preparation phase(s) you will still be able to have other goals such as building towards a muscle-up. In the SPP phase however we will turn the training into getting the most out of the potential you already have built.

What if I do not ever want to compete?

We will enable you to hop on the General Preparation phase without actually setting a goal date. Most do not want to compete but they want cycles. They want the training journey to be visual. By opting in to a cycle we will make it a lot easier to visualize your improvements and training journey.

Finally this feature is on the able. The design is in place, time to start putting it together. We expect the first version of it to be live during the summer.

Are you as pumped about this as I am? I don’t think game changer is the right word for it.


So you want to improve those toes-to-bar? We are developing a feature where you can tell us exactly what you want to improve. We can then lay out a journey that we know will improve exactly what you want.

Actually I already developed this during the winter but our UX-team wants it to be user-friendly. Pfffff! Who got time for design and clear user-journeys right when we want this now!

This epic or area will enable you to select that you want to improve other stuff as well such as the Snatch, your running or even jumprope work.  

Design for this is under way. I expect it to be live in early autumn.

Preparation phase

One of the first things we built was the warmup phases. Since then we have realized that we need to optimize the layout of it. It got to be swifter and more to the point.

We are right now been developing a preparation complex series where we blend Systemic preparation (getting sweaty) with General preparation (increase range of motion). On top of that we will move Activation from the warmup and blend it with Tech preparation.

We will add blocks of preparation prior to all blocks in the session. For instance if your 3rd piece of Strength work is strict pull-ups there will be hanging shoulder prehab and activation for 2-4 mins prior to those pull-ups.

Short term you will notice that these features will be their own blocks before the progression block. In the future we will add a section to the progression block itself so a series of front squat could look like this.

– 3 min Prehab and activation: Slow goblet squat complex.

– 6 min build up: Get up to the working weights.

– 15 min: Front Squat 3 reps x 5 sets

In the Snatch the whole prehab phase could look very different.

– 3-6 min EMOM of:

3-5 Hang Muscle Snatch + Overhead squat

3-5 Hang Power Snatch + Snatch Balance

3-5 Hang Snatch

– 6 min build up: Get up to the working weights.

– 12 min: Snatch doubles every 90s.

A cool side outcome of this is that it will be super easy for us to add a “Prepare for X movement” custom session so you can use the app even if you do not actually always train with it.


We have started a podcast! This first episode is just a wee bit about what the Relentless Trainer is. We have three prominent guests in the week to come so the podcast will get more and more exciting.

Stay tuned!

Link to the podcast here

That’s that!

Thanks for reading! We hope we will get all these features out before you blink!

//Marcus Herou, CEO of Relentless

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