Rise training plan 2.0

What Rise 2.0 is
Rise is our follow-up on Rise 1.0, the fitness program that has got hundreds of people moving good. In addition to all the things that appeared in Rise 1.0 this program also will contain weightlifting movements. However since we believe that fitness is achieved by training the most bang for the buck exercises we have limited the complexity and difficulty of said weightlifting.

Read more about Rise 1.0 here

Move good look good
We give you a lot of training in these 90mins which will make you immensely fit. Moving good and looking good is what we strive for or just call it great fitness. Every session has a tailored warmup so you are prepared for the task at hand.

What you are getting yourself into
The program stretches over 12 weeks, 4 days a week and each session takes 75-90mins

Video and explanations
Almost every exercise in the program has a youtube video found on our channel which contains over 1000 videos. It is one of the worlds largest training exercise libraries. We believe that all movements we teach must be executed by one of our instructors. We give detailed explanations on how to perform movements and workouts. The thought behind the workout.

We look forward in seeing you Rise!

//Relentless Method team

What do our customers think?

Bästa programmeringen!
-- Lisa about Rise training plan 2.0
Jävla gött pass. Sista tabatan på AB sved i benen och lungorna.
-- Anders about Rise training plan 2.0
The conditioning piece did not look nice on paper, but really enjoyed doing it
-- Kathrine Skak about Rise training plan 2.0

Antal pass: 48
Access: No expiration date for the program
Price: €70

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