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One year ago I sent a newsletter

Last Christmas I sent a newsletter

Last year I got eager in getting started with the funding process for Relentless Trainer. We had prepared the case in what I felt, forever. Finally I got a bit bored about it all, acted on a hunch and thought. F-ck it! Let’s just send an email to you guys and take it from there.

Two hours later ten had responded. Four weeks later me and Hanna had made 35 Zoom calls. 9 weeks later the funding was closed, sealed, money in the bank and we could start building the team and product we have today.

But what truly kick-started the entire thing was the day after I sent the email.

Gustav came into the gym wearing a Relentless Method t-shirt shouting to me. “Hey Marcus! Me and Anna wanna invest”.

I had just performed a Ski-Erg marathon and had no clue what he was on about so I just lied there smiling, full of endorphins trying to grasp what just had happened.

A few mins later I got up from the floor. This solid act from Gustav gave me the confidence needed to just start sprinting and man have I sprinted since.

I truly believe in that mindset matters. That you need to get out of your comfort zone to grow, and this day I did grow.

Not the usual board

With Hanna Moisander, my shotgun (or perhaps I am the shotgun?), we formed an unusual board that for sure is able to deliver.

In the board team we have deep competence in international expansion, marketing, leadership, health & fitness niche skills and the tech to carry it out. Board meetings can be boring, ours are not!

We recognized that media would be a thing. So we built a top notch studio, in my gym. What kind of crew would do that?

… or the usual team

For sure a board is cool but the board need to manage a company right?

We managed to recruit a fantastic crew in just a few months. We spent $0 on recruiting. We did it solely on social media, a sign of the times!

Hanna, the graphical designer was pretty sceptical when we had our first lunch but came along and gosh we are happy about that!

“This guy is sort of nuts but it might be a fun ride so bring it!”

She is the one that made us neon, a colour I hated initially, probably because I am old. Now I love it.

We are not perfect, but we learn. Everyday and we have the mindset that it is better to try everything rather than not try at all.

Besides having a great team on all levels we launched a product in September, just six months after I set sail on recruiting.

Obviously this had not been possible without the support of the immense platform and development that we had done previously. Creating a clean app from scratch though is not a small thing but we delivered right on the promise.

The product is just 3 months old now. We have so much we want to do and we are doing it. The only frustration we do have is that we would like it to happen faster.

Made an impact

We launched in Sweden, targeting the CrossFit community.

We doubled the user base in November!

This is a pretty cool proof of concept but obviously we aim to grow beyond CrossFit in Sweden.

We are broadening the audience in Sweden, targeting Functional Strength training.

You know, there are people out there who do not like burpees but likes to squat and our product works wonders for strength training.

Awesome ambassadors

Five games athletes and three Olympians! What strikes me is that we seem to surround ourselves with strong women. I think that is pretty cool, don’t you? In these modern times, a brand without ambassadors will have a hard time growing. We are extremely happy that so many in such a short time has joined us.

Right now we are having some final talks with athletes over the Atlantic. After all, USA is the home turf of CrossFit so if we truly want to make an impact we need to be there!

The game plan for 2023 is to launch towards CrossFit in the states and Functional Strength in Sweden.

To grow, we need more awesome people

We have created something really cool in record time. To really dig in to making this product the next big thing in health & fitness we are starting a new investment round.

We have identified a true game changer in what enables people to show up day in and out. I would gladly talk about it over a coffee.

Do you also support the Relentless mindset?

Two of our investors, Christopher and Karl are CrossFitters. When we had the initial meetings, they asked the right questions. They are passionate about health & fitness and they believe in our cause. I have experienced the opposite in the past when every shareholder meeting is only about hard cash. Every board meeting just about balance sheets.

For sure finances are important but the reason why you do what you do is the foundation of everything. Passion and niche know how!

If you are passionate about health & fitness and want to know more about the investment process just contact me.

A quick reply to this email will do the trick.

Let’s talk

//Marcus Herou

Loves coffee, coding and handstand pushups


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