Machine Triathlon

This program is made for anyone that wants to master the three most popular conditioning machines and can spend 2-4 sessions per week in becoming a total badass.

Working on three modalities is more fun than working on only one since it brings more variation but still is so specific that you will improve on technical aspects. 

Attached to the program are skill training on the rower, ski-erg and assault bike. Seriously some of the best skill advice you can get out there and if you follow the drills these machines will become the fun in your other mixed modal activities aka CrossFit. I always like when the rower appears for instance since I love rowing.

A total of 21 sessions to make you the badass you deserve. Each session takes approx 45-60 mins to complete from the time you enter the training floor.

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Bra förklarat med tempo. Så det blir ett lättare pass
-- Niklas about Machine Triathlon

148 reviews

Kategori: Conditioning
Antal pass: 21
Access: No expiration date for the program
Price: €27

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