Fit with Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the universal tool found in gyms, hotels, and even peoples in garages or basements! This is a universal training program that is simple but not easy. 

Every session has a warmup, strength and a conditioning piece plus I love to program pump finishers and dumbbells are just excellent for that task so expect to get that nice pump feeling from this program!

What you need

✅ 2 Dumbbells 10-22,5kg depending on your ability. A classic recommendation is 2x22.5kg for males and 2x15kg for females but anything you have access to will do.
You can easily replace the dumbbells with kettlebells

16 sessions, 2-4 times a week and no more than 60 minutes of full body Dumbbell training to get you fitter than you think!

Are you ready?

What do our customers think?

Allt var mycket bra. Skön cardio och åer igen fint avslut
-- Marcus about Fit with Dumbbells

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